Teaching has been an important part of my own philosophical development (and is fun and rewarding, it turns out!).

In addition to serving as a TA, I’ve designed and taught my own courses at Stanford and in the local community.

As primary instructor:


PHIL 24M: Latin American Philosophy (syllabus here)


Hope House (substance use disorder treatment program in Redwood City, CA)

Philosophy of Love and Care (co-taught with Hannah Kim) (syllabus here)

As TA:


Stanford Humanities Summer Institute (program for pre-collegiate students): The Art of Living (Ken Taylor)

PHIL 60: Introduction to Philosophy of Science (Helen Longino)

PHIL 189G: Fine-Tuning Arguments (Nadeem Hussain)

PHIL 170: Ethical Theory (Jorah Dannenberg)

PHIL 1: Introduction to Philosophy (Nadeem Hussain)

PHIL 194M: Consequences for Ethics (Barry Maguire)